My Christmas Wish

My Christmas wish is …..

Sad to say!! I can’t go!!

It never hurts to wish. We all dream big! 

If I had the money, would I go? Yes! I just need one week or a weekend away. I need to clear my head. My mind is in a million places.

I just sit and think sometimes where would I be if I didn’t have children? Knowing my kids gives me life. They make want to live. The idea of not seeing them daily will kill me. Yes the are GROWN!! They are still my babies!


Holiday Stress

Holiday stress is a mess. That last minute shopping. It is the most stressful part.

When you trying to get that gift you forgot to get. When you hope the store have it (Then they don’t 👺.) So you go from store to store just to find it. Head hurting because you can’t find that one gift.

The you do all of that running around for other people to be happy. Only to see them smile! 

The joy of seeing that smile on your kids face When they open there gifts is wonderful and speechless. It is even priceless!! 

To all that is reading this have a Safe and Joyful Christmas!!

Check This Out!

If you are rich or well off comment!!

Here it goes talk with your lawyers first. Go back to your hometown and find a family and make them happy for the Holiday!


  • Buy a home for someone,
  • Buy some gifts for the kids,
  • Feed families that is in need.

We know it will not hurt your pocket so GIVE,GIVE, GIVE. Make someone very happy for a change! Make sure you do it from the heart. Even if you can help the lady next door or down the street from your house. Not that one that already have! Look inside yourself and help someone other than yourself. It is not a HARD TASK. It is about the blessing to come your way….

Come on everyone lets do this! Change is needed in people hearts!!




Just Wondering Why?

Just wondering why my life is not where I want it to be? Today I’m sad and tomorrow I’m happy! 

The idea of stress keeps me down. I just want to be successful in life. At times I just feel like giving up. It seems as if I can’t get nothing right. Everything seems to just fall apart. Do anybody understand how I feel and do they care? At the most of it all I just feel so alone.

At times I spend looking at the walls in me bedroom not knowing what to do with myself.the my phone will ring, someone asking me to do something for them or just calling to tell me there problems. As if u don’t have my own issues to deal with. Yes! I have a big heart so I listen and or help them. There is nobody helping me at the same time.

I feel used by everybody. But,I am the one using myself. That is the sad part because I know it! I still have not done anything about it!  My needs are accomplished yet. I just need a home I can call my own. I so big on helping everyone around me but not myself.


Cant sleep!!

Thinking about life. I was blessed with my first grandchild on yesterday! She has made me complete in so many ways. I just wish I had a bigger home to have her here as she grow. Something I can say this is mine and if something should happen to me my kids and now grand child will have a home.

In 2007 I was in a car wreck and it really put me in a bad place in life. It took life away from me!! I am not able to provide as I should as a parent should. No my kids didn’t go without there needs. But most of there wants was put on hold a lot.

Looking back at that makes me feel weak. It makes me feel like I took a lot away from my children. Homes here are very low in prices. But it is no where near low to me because of my income and that was one of my biggest dreams. I had BIG BIG DREAMS!

  1. Become a lawyer
  2. Husband
  3. Own my own home
  4. Children (3)
  5. Live life.

I have most of that like 2, 4 and 5. Do to life changes I wasn’t able to get 1 and 3. I find myself saying I should have could have a lot. I really hate that. I should have had more in life. Now it is like I am stuck with no life. If I wanted to plan a trip or take one I can. Unless I sit and look at it on the TV.

Well I am going to try and get some sleep.

💞💋 Good night💞💋


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These pass few days has been a clip from a movie. Thanksgiving night was the worst night of my life.

When a mother phone ring 3 am and she is scared to answer it because all of her children is NOT home. The person on the other in is telling her that her child was rushed to the HOSPITAL. Then they are not sure which one or where.

You are not sure on what to do or which where to go a that moment. So you began to ask what happen and why. Then she began to tell the mother her child was stabbed 4 times and they don’t know if he going to make it.

Remember this not my child biologically But he is a part of me and my family. He live with me! The look in my husband eyes at this point I just can not explain It. This is his baby boy! Those tears coming down his face, OH MY GOD THOSE TEARS!!

When I was on my way to the hospital, I was lost didn’t know where to go which hospital he was in couldn’t get in touch with his mother at this point I had to do something very stupid. I just told everyone that I got to get pulled over to find him. I need help! So I got to this town where I seen a police car. I began to speed up! I was doing a 65 in a 35 just to get help. When I knew he got my speed before he could pull me over. I stopped beside him. He said, do you know how fast you was going? I said no, I need you to help me find my son please. He then asked me to pull in front of him. At this point I didn’t care about  all I want was to find him. to make a long story short, we found him!

Finding him was great, seeing him was not. When you see your child lifeless and helpless at the same time….WOW! The words that you will say! All I asked the doctors was to save my child life and walked out. Still waiting on his mother to come!

(Just to let you know he is doing okay and he is home! He can’t walk with out help but he is ALIVE and HOME!)

The sad part of all of this is how family will turn there back on you when you are at your lowest point. So-Called Friends will walk away as well! I have learned you never bite the hand that feed you! It took me a while to learn how to forgive a person for hurting me.I know that is a hard part of most people life. Learning to forgive people is easier said than done…….