ME:Do you know me?

PEOPLE: Yes, I being knowing you all my life. 

ME: What do you know about me?

PEOPLE: Girl I know everything about you. 


I find this to extra funny! Because no one really knows a person. We hide behind a curtain of some sort. We as people will never full trust the other person. We may say we do.


We all LIE, YES we do.


No we don’t mean to do it but fear of telling the next person every detail of our life defines that person. It make that person feel like you cave control of some sort over them. No one want to live like that at all.I know, I do not. So, let me share some internet post of other people on trust with you guys.


Did you know……..If not than…. 

know me12.jpg

The people around me……


I asked you did you know me and I have not got a clear answer yet. Know a person is more that just knowing a person name, where they live and grew up at. Know a person is, know there life story. It is like being there personal therapist. Some one is not paid to keep a secret of a person life. Going threw the pain and tears with that person.  Someone is there to support them in the time of need. (SEE THE PAIN) Not someone that heard about it or read about it. READ THIS!!!know-me13know-me14

It is sad when people seems they know so much about you and only know what they have heard about you.SHUT UP PEOPLE!!Learn a person story before you open your mouth DANG! No one in this world is perfect. No one has it all together.Not even the RICH!! Everyone has there own daily life problems they you will never know about Unless they are willing to tell you. (WHICH I HOPE THEY DO NOT!!!)  


Love you Guys



The Given Up Story ….



That moment when nothing you do is right….You want to just give up on everything. That moment when your heart seems so heavy…..You have no one to talk to. That moment when your friends don’t want to be around you… You feel so LOW! 

That moment when you want to feel love….You have no one to love you back.  That moment when you are so alone….You have no one to talk to. Given up seems to be your only way out…then you hear statements like this…

given up10.jpg

The moment when you just can not take the pain anymore. The fear of all hope has gone. There is no one to talk to any more. You best-friend has passed way. You  began to feel like your life is over. All your hopes and dreams has passed you bye. Remember your life is not over….you began to say “MAYBE ONE DAY“…


Life to me is a test! Some can pass it with no problems. Some just can’t get it together….A TEST!


You start telling yourself LIES ….LIKE…I stop trying so hard for people who don’t care about me. I am tired of being so strong for. I am slowly giving up on everything and everyone. Kill me because no one cares. These are ALL LIES we tell ourselves when we are feeling down and low.  We as people need to learn how to change the way we thing and feeling about thing we as humans can not handle. No we are not perfect, but we are understandable.  


What I mean about understandable is.. Understand a person before you pass judgement to or about them. We are, as we all know humans. We are set in our own was because of how we were raised. Some have the background of never wanting for anything in there life. Then you have the others that always have to work to have. Now did I make it simple enough for you or clear enough for you?  Now, if you learn our children that having on new clothes or the newest pair of shoes our is less important that a GREAT EDUCATION.


I feel the world would be a better place. If you look around you and see that is one of the main reasons our children are killing themselves. Being bullied in school by kids that have more then others. THAT MAKES ME SO MAD, NO WORDS CAN EXPLAIN HOW MAD IT MAKES ME.


Always remember your children  TEACH ONLY WHAT THEY ARE LEARNT TO TEACHThe very first teacher is the parents. Second teacher or teachers are the lady next door or the TV station your children watch. Third set of teachers and new friends at the school he /she attend. 



Take a good look at yourself before you try to put someone down. One thing for sure KARMA is something else. I tell you that! Parent all of the signs are there for you to see in your child. Some feel as if you don’t love them and or care for them. Some feel as if they just want to die (GET HIM OR HER HELP ASAP). You may have a child that choices to use drugs and or alcohol to deal with the pain they are caring inside.


Because, they feel as if you want listen to the nor believe them if they would tell you what is going on in there life. People walk around with there head held so high and forget where they come from and the people that help them get there.


Parents NEVER! I MEAN NEVER SAY,  Oh! I know my child better than that he/she would never bully anybody. STOP!!!  PLEASE STOP and ask yourself……where you there (SEE NO EVIL).did you hear the word come from your child mouth (HEAR NO EVIL)….The answer to that was NO YOU WERE NOT!


At you began to hear the things your child is out there say it will make you sick to the stomach. If you are a old school parent. I agree with this quote so much and I know you do too…..


These are my thoughts for tonight…… …