Living life unhappy!

Living life before and after something bad happen to you is hard sometimes to deal with. Allowing change for the good sometimes seems to get even harder. However, not allowing your pass to define the man or women you become is where you need to be after something bad happen to you in your life. That is the point I am trying to make in my passages. I found myself giving up on everything and everyone around me. Not even know which way to turn. I began shutting people out even the ones that wanted to help me. Because, I lived life thinking everyone wanted to hurt me in some bad way.

Yes, it is a hard fight against yourself. You must beat the fight against yourself. If not you may find yourself taking all kind of medication and getting all type of mental treatments. It sounds hard to do at times to pick yourself up. I learned not to let my pass keep me down. I wise lady once told me “ never let other people define who you really are”, “never forget where you come from” and most of all never give up on you”. That is how I live my life now. It was and is a hard task to follow at time but it is true. She even even told me that people are born to say bad things to you and about you. Just keep your head up and keep moving on. But you still find that way to smile over and over again.


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