ME:Do you know me?

PEOPLE: Yes, I being knowing you all my life. 

ME: What do you know about me?

PEOPLE: Girl I know everything about you. 


I find this to extra funny! Because no one really knows a person. We hide behind a curtain of some sort. We as people will never full trust the other person. We may say we do.


We all LIE, YES we do.


No we don’t mean to do it but fear of telling the next person every detail of our life defines that person. It make that person feel like you cave control of some sort over them. No one want to live like that at all.I know, I do not. So, let me share some internet post of other people on trust with you guys.


Did you know……..If not than…. 

know me12.jpg

The people around me……


I asked you did you know me and I have not got a clear answer yet. Know a person is more that just knowing a person name, where they live and grew up at. Know a person is, know there life story. It is like being there personal therapist. Some one is not paid to keep a secret of a person life. Going threw the pain and tears with that person.  Someone is there to support them in the time of need. (SEE THE PAIN) Not someone that heard about it or read about it. READ THIS!!!know-me13know-me14

It is sad when people seems they know so much about you and only know what they have heard about you.SHUT UP PEOPLE!!Learn a person story before you open your mouth DANG! No one in this world is perfect. No one has it all together.Not even the RICH!! Everyone has there own daily life problems they you will never know about Unless they are willing to tell you. (WHICH I HOPE THEY DO NOT!!!)  


Love you Guys




  1. “Knowing a person is knowing their story and being their personal therapist,” couldn’t agree more. We think we’ve got so many friends. But in reality we’ve got many contacts, maybe just very few friends who’ll lift you up when you fall down. Listen to you when you blabber. And never tell you, “I told you so!” when you regret a choice you made. 😊😊 Love this post.

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